I bet every Nigerian home is familiar with beans. As children, we hated eating it but our parents insisted that without it, we would not grow well. Along the way, we grew up loving beans as we found other ways to prepare it: rice and beans, akara, moin-moin, gbegiri, ewa agoyin,etc.

If you are the type of person that still doesn’t eat beans, I am here to tell you that you are missing out. Not only do beans help with growth, but they have many health benefits. You will discover them in the course of reading this article. I promise you will be encouraged to include beans in your Nigerian dishes.

I must also add that you should avoid making your beans dishes boring or plain. You can spice it up with plantain, crayfish, sweet potatoes, or whatever works for you. The most important thing is that you find ways to consume beans more.


1. Good source of protein

It is no news that beans are very rich in protein. You should know that the protein gotten from beans is very low in fat and calories. As a matter of fact, beans have up to three more times protein and fiber than rice.

This is one good reason for you to increase your beans intake. In addition, beans are a great option for you if you re a vegetarian, since you are cutting other sources of protein like eggs, milk, meat and fish.

2. Fiber

Lots of fiber can be gotten from eating beans. This is very essential because most people don’t eat enough fiber, and this could lead to high blood pressure and some heart diseases. Fiber is very important, you see,which is why you need to eat beans more often.


3. Makes your heart healthy

Like you read above, beans help to prevent some heart diseases. Eat beans more often and thank yourself later.

4. Iron

Iron is a very important nutrient in your body. Without it, your body cannot properly transport oxygen.You’re right if you’re thinking this nutrient can be found in beans.

5. Magnesium

Beans are good sources of magnesium, which is important for bone and protein development.

6. Great for controlling diabetes

Beans do a great job when it comes to controlling diabetes and reducing the level of your blood sugar. You see, beans have too many benefits.

7. Potassium

Potassium is important for organs such as the heart and kidney. Trying to get more potassium? Eat more beans!

8. Zinc

Zinc helps to keep germs away and helps you recover from wounds. You can’t have a low zinc-intake if you have a high beans-intake.

9. Good for pregnant women

Beans contain vitamin B, which is very good for pregnant women. It helps to fight against some birth disorders.



 Will I be fat if I eat too much beans?

Eating too much beans can not make you fat. Even if you do add weight, it will not be so much. Beans are low in calories and they are filling, so adding them to your meals is a great way to lose weight.

 Can my diet include only beans?

Though beans are healthy, you cannot feed solely on only them. You must know that you cannot depend on only one kind of food for all your nutrients. Eating only beans will make you lose out on other nutrients that can be gotten from other foods.

 Can I eat beans every day?

Sure, you can. However, you should combine them with other foods in order to get other nutrients. If you notice allergies or discomfort, consult a doctor.

 How often should I eat beans?

Beans should be eaten a minimum of twice a week.

 Is there any side effect of eating beans?

The most common downside of eating beans is passing a lot of gas. Though it’s not unhealthy, it is quite unpleasant or embarrassing for a lot of people. To reduce the gas, try soaking beans ten to eighteen hours before cooking them.

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