Many excellent kitchen appliance packages exist in the market today. However, you need to know the best ones you can get. This guide will put you through the important information you need to select some of the best-rated kitchen appliances of 2020.


If you are on a budget, you can still get top-notch kitchen appliances packages. These include:

  • IKEA NUTID Ceramic Cooktop


This cooktop is designed to perfectly fit your cookware—it has the perfect size and shape. It is designed with two cooking zones, as well as a touch-control feature at the front. Also, it features a heat indicator that helps inform you when the cooking zone has cooled, and this lowers the chances of you getting accidentally burnt. It is also easy to clean, and is suited for all your needs. This is definitely one of the best-rated kitchen appliance packages.

  • GE 33″ Over-the-Range Microwave Oven


GE’s Over-the-Range Microwave Oven is designed to fit any modern kitchen. It has a beautiful stainless steel finish and contemporary design which makes it one of the best kitchen appliances packages of 2020.




Samsung’s Top Mount Refrigerator has LED lights in its interior which helps not only to beautifully illuminate it, but also to reduce the money you spend on electricity. This refrigerator is built with technology that will help preserve your food more efficiently.  It’s definitely one of the kitchen packages you should look out for.


  • GE 30″ Freestanding Gas Range


This freestanding range has better efficiency than other standing gas ranges because it makes cooking and grilling much more convenient and fun. It is very affordable, and comes with four burners, a central burner and a grill plate. With this gas range, feel free to grill your food without having to go outdoors. It’s a must-have appliance package in 2020.


  • Bosch 300 Series Built-In Dishwasher


This built-in dishwasher is, no doubts, one of the best kitchen appliances packages of 2020. Bosch’s Dishwasher is a high-performance machine that is designed to fit any modern kitchen. It has a black finish and a stainless steel interior that would make your kitchen look so beautiful.


  • Bosch 800 Series 24″ Glass-Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator is very compact, making it ideal for small kitchens. It has a black glass and stainless-steel finishes which makes it complement your kitchen design.


  • Zline RAS-WM-30 30″ Slide-In Dual Fuel Colored Series Range


ZLINE’s Professional 30″ Range is has 4 burners and is very efficient. It properly distributes heat, thereby making your food cook evenly and at the right temperature. You should look out for this range.


  • Cafe 24″ Wide Fully Integrated Dishwasher

This dishwasher by Cafe comes in a white finish and a brass handle, and will surely give any kitchen a chic and elegant look. It is also very efficient, and definitely one of the best kitchen appliances packages.


  • AGA Elise 36″ Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

This fascinating French-door refrigerator has an excellent cooling power and a spacious storage. It has a lot of sections, giving you so much room to store your food. It comes with a temperature-regulated drawer which helps to ensure that your food is stored at the right temperature, and is kept fresh at all times. Also, it has LED lights which help illuminate the interior, making it quite easy to search for food when it’s dark.  It also has an air filter which makes it hygienic to use.


  • Whirlpool Smart Slide-in Electric Range

This Whirlpool range is one of the most efficient appliance packages. It comes with a technology feature that makes programming your thermostat an easy process. You can also control the power and be informed about the progress of the range. In addition, you can adjust cook times and make sure your food is evenly heated with this range.


  • Bosch S800 Dishwasher

This elegant dishwasher is chicly designed with a dark finish and an InfoLight technology. This technology indicates when dishes have finished washing. This way, you don’t have to manually check the load every now and then.



If you are on the expensive side, there are also a number of good appliance packages that you can opt for. They include:


  • Viking Professional 5 Series 36″ Built-In Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

This professional refrigerator unit by Viking is very spacious, and includes an air purifier that helps to get rid of germs and bad odors, therefore making it hygienic to use.  It makes food storage and preservation very effective, thereby making it one of the best kitchen appliances packages for 2020.


  • Samsung 30” Wide Slide-In Gas Range With Dual Doors

This is an excellent range with a top-notch technology. It is definitely worth the price, as you would have a wonderful kitchen experience.

  • EdgeStar 30 Inch Wide 28 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Beverage Center

EdgeStar Beverage Center can hold up to 28 wine bottles and can cool them at the perfect temperature. Accessorise your kitchen with this, and you won’t regret it.


  • Dacor Modernist Electric Double Wall Oven

This double wall oven has a very effective and healthy technology to help you roast and bake your food with steam. It can handle dishes of any size, enabling you to be creative with your food. You should definitely get this kitchen appliance package.


  • KitchenAid 36” Wide Commercial Style Gas Rangetop

This professional rangetop comes with a central grill plate. It is also very efficient, and you should opt for it if you can afford it.


  • Samsung 36″ French Door Refrigerator

Samsung’s French Door Refrigerator is designed in such a way that you can connect it to your smart devices at home.  It has high-end features, making it one of the best high-end kitchen appliances packages.



  • When is the best time to buy these kitchen appliances packages?

The best time to buy quality kitchen appliance packages is during holidays, because they are usually sold at a discounted price.

  • How will I know the kitchen appliance package that is best for me?

The first you need to do is measure your kitchen space. You don’t want to get any appliance package that is too big for your kitchen. Secondly, you have to know whether you need appliance packages that make use of gas or electricity. Fuel type is very important. Thirdly, you have to be particular about venting. How well do you want air to flow through your appliance package? These should guide you in picking kitchen packages that are best suited to meet your needs.



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