Recently, a lot of Nigerians have become more health conscious; they keep searching for ways to live
healthy. A major obstacle to healthy living in this country though, is that most people model other fitness
experts in other countries.

Though this is not bad, one cannot follow routines that are not easily applicable
here. So, this article is written so that you can eat healthy without sweating to look for strawberries or
You can eat healthy anywhere you find yourself. There are a lot of healthy Nigerian meals, some of which
you will be reading here.Before we go to the meals you can try for weight loss, you should know that in order to lose weight, you should avoid eating the following:

Sugar, soda, high-calorie foods (like chocolate, puff-puff, pizza, meat pie, etc.), fried foods, etc.
Instead, replace them with healthy snacks and foods like:

1. Ofada rice/ brown rice

Unlike the typical rice you eat every day, Ofada rice is rich in protein. You see, when you take in too much
rice, you are likely to gain weight because of the high intake of carbohydrate. This is why you should
substitute your white rice with Ofada rice.


Also, Ofada has more fiber than the normal rice,brown rice, on the other hand, is very healthy and is a great option for weight loss. It contains important nutrients such as vitamins and other antioxidants.

2. Nigerian fruits

Of course, a weight loss list would be incomplete without fruits. Fruits not only aid weight loss, but also
contain important vitamins and minerals that are vital to your body. Fruits are filling, which means that
when you eat them, you easily get full.

As a result, you would end up eating less food if you increase your
food intake.Luckily for us, there are varieties of fruits grown in Nigeria. Try tasty fruits like pineapple, orange,
watermelon, banana, agbalumo, mango, etc.

3. Nigerian leafy vegetables

Nigeria is one country that is blessed with many vegetables. I am referring to the ones used in making our
delicious Nigerian soups. If you are trying to lose wight, you would eat more of vegetables like okra, ugu,
tete, and the likes.

Note though, that you should eat heavy foods like eba, pounded yam, etc. in light
quantities. The mere fact that you are combining these leafy vegetables with other foods does not
guarantee weight loss. You must know how to eat in moderation.

4. Beans

You know I would never write a list without beans. Beans are very rich in protein, which is very helpful for
weight loss. One of the tricks of weight loss is increasing your protein consumption and reducing your
carbohydrate intake.

Beans are filling, so you don’t need to heap a mountain on your plate. The interesting
thing about eating beans in a Nigerian home is that it never gets boring. There are different ways you can
experiment: rice and beans, akara, moin-moin, gbegiri, ewa agoyin, and what have you!

5. Honey

I know what you’re thinking: Can I eat honey? Well, I am adding honey to this list because it is an excellent
replacement for sugar. Sugar, like I have stated already, should be avoided at any cost. It is bad for your
body because it makes you add calories.

Honey, on the other hand is very low in calories and acts as a sweetener. You see, it’s a win-win. What’s more, honey has many other health benefits like aiding digestion, aiding wound healing and treating cold and catarrh.

Are there other healthy Nigerian foods you think I should talk about? Drop a comment.


What are the other things I should do to aid my weight loss?

i. Drink lots of water
ii. Move often. Exercise!! Don’t sit or stand for too long
iii. Boil your meat, fish and other food instead of frying it.

Hope I won’t add weight if I take snacks like roasted corn or boli?


No, you wouldn’t. As a matter of fact, grains like corn are very helpful for weight loss. Boli, on the other
hand, is simply plantain that is roasted. This would not lead to weight gain. However, eat it in moderation.

Will I be fat if I eat tubers like yam or potatoes?

Normally, consuming any of these shouldn’t lead to weight gain. However, if you fry them, you would be
consuming too much calories. So, you should eat them boiled and not eat too much of them.

Can I eat bread if I am trying to lose weight?

Yes, but not every day. Eating a little amount of bread (such as three or four slices) cannot lead to weight
gain. If you take it in excess, though, you would not be able to achieve your fitness goals.

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