Kitchen islands are very good work surfaces in our kitchens. Not only do they give us more working
space, but also accommodate a few extra people in the kitchen. Since the island is very significant, it
deserves to be well lit. You can’t afford stirring, chopping or dressing your dishes on a poorly lit kitchen

A properly lit kitchen island provides not only safety for you while you cook, but allows you to be a bit of
a show-off to guests. What’s more, kitchen island lighting is good for dinner parties, as it adds beauty
and warmth to your kitchen.

In this article, learn about some of the best kitchen island lighting ideas.


Pendants are one of the best lighting designs you can use for your island. Not only are they decorative,
but they give your kitchen a chic look. You should, however, not make the mistake others make—using
small pendants.

If at all you use small pendants, then you should consider using a lot of them, and
arranging them in such a way that they are worth staring at. Opt for more than one pendant. You can
even make them.hang in an uneven manner, such that they form a beautiful design.

If you are not a sucker for pendants, you can also try chandeliers. Chandeliers are, of course, more
conspicuous than pendants and they are a great choice for you if you are looking for something that can
be easily noticed.

Another great lighting idea for your island is recessed lighting. This is perfect for you if you are not the
chandelier kind of person, as it is more concealed.

Below are some of the other ways you can design the lighting of your kitchen island. You can use:


 Crystal chandeliers
 Gold chandeliers
 Black ceiling pendants
 Giant black square chandeliers
 White pendants
 Glass crystal ball pendants
 Gold fixtures
 Glass pendants
 Grey lamps
 Metallic pendants
 Brass chandeliers


                                         FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


 Is recessed lighting a good idea for my kitchen island?

Recessed lighting is a great lighting idea for your kitchen island, especially if your kitchen is small. It is
also good for people who don’t want their kitchen island to attract too much attention, since it is very
simple. If you are a simple person who wants your kitchen island to still look beautiful, go for recessed

 Can I use LEDs to light my kitchen island space?

LEDs, which stand for light-emitting diodes, are very safe for your kitchen. Not only do they light any
area well, but also last for a very long time. So, yes, using LEDs for your kitchen island is totally fine.

 How do I position my kitchen island lighting, and what is the appropriate height?

The best way to position the light is to put it in the center. This way, light is evenly distributed across the
entire island.

When it comes to lighting your kitchen island, the general rule is to hang a light not less than 28 inches
or more than 34 inches above the island.

Note, though, that I am talking about lights that suspend from the ceiling. You should, however, feel free to do anything that suits your taste. Don’t make it too low though, so that your head doesn’t touch it.

 How can I pick the right bulbs?

Firstly, you have to ensure that you are not just looking at the aesthetic features of bulbs. In other
words, just because a bulb is beautiful doesn’t mean you should get it.

You have to look out for other things like the quality and life span. Also, you have to ensure it complements your kitchen well.If you are looking for lighting with a very good wattage, I suggest LED luminaires.

If you want your kitchen to feel warm, opt for a warm color temperature (preferably between 2700K and 3500K). If, on
the other hand you want to have a cooler kitchen, you can choose anything that is above 3500K.

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