Roasted chickens are very delicious. However, not everyone can roast a chicken evenly. Most times, the
breasts are overcooked and the legs undercooked, or vice versa.This guide puts you through easy steps to
roast a chicken evenly without any hassle.

To prepare your delicious roasted chicken, do the following:

1. Season your chicken.

Imagine eating a roasted chicken that is not well seasoned. I know, I know. To prevent this from happening,
you have to ensure that the seasoning goes into every part of the chicken.

To achieve this, let your chicken sit in the seasoning for one or two days before you roast it. Thank me later. Oh, and just so you know, the seasoning will keep the chicken from being too dry.

2. Milk helps

If you want your chicken to be more tender, then try adding milk or yoghurt. This also adds a very delicious
flavor to your chicken. You can also rub butter on the skin of the chicken before roasting, as this helps to
make it look more moist and attractive.

3. Add more flavor under the skin

If you want the chicken to have more flavor, why not add more condiments in different parts of the chicken
where the flavors can be trapped? You will be thankful you did.

4. Prepare stuffing separately.

To prevent your chicken from roasting unevenly, avoid roasting the chicken with the stuffing you see, doing
so with the stuffing only increases the roast time and could lead to some parts being unevenly roasted.

5. Ensure the temperature of your oven is okay

You have to ensure that the temperature of your oven is okay. If not, your chicken will “underroast” or
“overroast”. Temperature is very critical when it comes to achieving evenness in roasting.


6. Preparation

Some people just throw their chicken into the oven. This is very wrong, as the chicken would not roast
evenly. You have to tie the legs if you want the thighs to properly roast. Also, the tips of the wings should

be chopped off because they are likely to burn. Place your chicken flat on a baking sheet so that it roasts
quickly and evenly.

7. Know where to place your chicken in the oven

In order to get a perfectly roasted chicken, you have to understand that some parts of the oven are hotter
than others. One of the hottest parts of the oven is the back, so this is where you should place your

Ensure, though, that the legs face the corner while the breasts are positioned at the center of the
oven. When the chicken has roasted halfway, switch the position of the chicken to ensure even cooking.

8. Turn down the heat

When your chicken starts to brown, reduce the temperature of your oven. Failure to do this will lead to
overcooking or burning.

9. Bring out the chicken

Bring the chicken out of the oven. Don’t leave the chicken in the oven even after you turn it off, as the heat
still works on the chicken.


 How long does it take to roast a chicken?

It depends. The temperature of the oven and how large your chicken is are great determinants of the time
used in roasting for instance, a larger chicken will roast for a longer tie than a smaller chicken.

On the other hand, a larger chicken with a higher oven temperature will roast faster than a chicken in a lower oven
temperature. However, it takes an average of 70 minutes to roast a chicken.

 How do I carve my roasted chicken?

Carving is simply cutting your chicken to smaller pieces. To carve your chicken, you must first of all drain
the liquid contents into another bowl.

Then, transfer it to a chopping board so that you can properly cut it.The next thing you have to do is cut the legs. This is followed by carving the thighs, breasts and wings.

 How long should I wait before carving my chicken?

Wait for a minimum of fifteen minutes before carving.

 How should I know the amount of salt to add to my chicken?

You should remember that you add salt to chicken with these ratio- 2 teaspoons:1 pound. So, if you have a
3-pound chicken, add 6 teaspoons of salt.

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