How to Arrange Appliances on the Kitchen Counter

Have you ever entered your kitchen and you don’t feel like cooking? Just looking at your kitchen counter, you lose the enthusiasm to cook.

Organizing any space involves knowing what to store there. The kitchen counter is no exception. Kitchen countertops are surfaces in the kitchen where we work. It may be made of wood or any other material. It is very easy for kitchen counters to get disorganized because we do a lot of work there. Have you been having trouble keeping your counters organized? Well, here are some tips to help you.

Tips for Arranging Appliances on your Kitchen Counter

Divide Kitchen Counters into Sections

If you have a large counter, then you have to divide it into sections. Have sections for kitchen magazines, your fruit bowl, flower vase (if you have one) paper towels, napkins, jars, etc.

Once you get used to this, you’ll not have to be looking for kitchen appliances or equipment because they will be in the right places and your countertop will always be organized.

Know the Things You Can Store On the Counter

  • Dish rack: This can always be on the countertop since you take dishes from it every day. Also, it is very convenient if the dishrack is on the countertop because you don’t have to move it from place to place.
  • Paper towels and napkins: These need to be handy but not in the way. You want to be able to grab them when you need them, but it’s a pain to have to move a paper towel holder around. Keep it in a very easy-to-reach spot near the sink.
  • Tools: Kitchen tools such as spatulas, spoons, ladles, tongs, etc. can be kept on the countertop. It’s comfortable to have these tools within your reach when you’re working with food on or in the stove. To have more space on the counter, it’s better to keep these tools in a container like a jar.
  • Spices: Since you’re going to use these all the time, it makes sense to keep them on the counter.
  • Veggie/fruit basket: If you’re the type that eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, it won’t be a bad idea to keep them on the counter. This is because they would be fresh, and kept in the open air so they don’t spoil fast. You can also keep food like potatoes on the countertop.

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Know the Things You Cannot Store On the Counter

If you don’t use an appliance every day or often, then there is no need storing it on the counter. Appliances you rarely use can be kept in cupboards, drawers and eve in the store. These include potato peelers, can openers, etc.

Other Tips Include:

  • Moving your microwave: Since your microwave takes up a huge chunk of counter space, you can pull in and out of a cupboard every time you want to use it. You should remove it from the counter to free up space.
  • Hang Cooking Utensils Right Where You Need Them.
  • Store cereals and snacks in bowls instead of leaving them in their boxes. This frees counter space. If your counter isn’t big enough, then there is no need keeping them on the counter at all.
  • Store kitchen magazines and cookbooks in drawers, not the countertop.
  • Store some of the appliances on the kitchen island to free up counter space
  • Remove the non-kitchen items from the counter. Most times, the kitchen counter may be a place for receipts, kids’ homework, car keys, and electronics. Remove these items from the counter and move them where they need to go.
  • Set up a stand by the sink to hold cleaning supplies. If your dish soap, rag, scrubbers, and sponges are scattered on the counter, organize them into one place. Get a stand in your kitchen so that there will be more space on your counter.
  • Put things away when you finish with them. Your kitchen counter will become cluttered if you do not put things away after using them. Make a rule in the kitchen that everything gets put away after it’s used.
  • You can install magnetic strips on the wall over your counter. This will help you store equipment and tools like knives and spoons. This means you no longer have to keep these tools on the counter.
  • You should never forget to clean the counter every day. Clearing and cleaning it every day will prevent things from piling up. Also, it would prevent dust from accumulating on the appliances on the countertop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Keep Electric Appliances on the Counter?

Sure, you can. You might, however, want to avoid that for personal reasons. For instance, to keep out of children’s reach. You should also ensure you follow precautionary measures so that there is no cause of a fire outbreak or a shock.

How Can I Organise a Tiny Counter?

If you have a tiny counter, your main goal is keeping things off of it. This means that only very necessary things should be on it. Paper towels and napkins, for instance, shouldn’t be on it.  You can store other appliances in drawers, cupboards, under the sink, etc.


How Can a ‘Junk’ Bowl Help In Organizing Kitchen Counters?

A ‘junk’ bowl is where stuff that does not belong in the kitchen go to. These include car keys, children’s toys, etc. They are very good for organizing a kitchen counter. This is because unnecessary things don’t have to stay on the counter. Every time you’re free, you can sort out the bowl and put everything in their proper place. Plus, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bowl. It can be a bag or any other thing that works for you.

Can I Move Some Equipment to the Top of My Fridge for More Counter space?

Yes, you can use the top of the refrigerator for more storage. If the top of your refrigerator is not covered by cabinets, it’s a great place for extra storage. Use it for items that you use often but not daily. Store small appliances that don’t fit in the cabinets on top of the fridge. This helps free up counterspace.

How Do I Know the Appliances That Can Stay On My Counter?

It depends on the kind of person you are, really. However, the major rule of thumb is that only frequently used appliances should stay on your counter. If you use your toaster maybe twice a month, then your toaster shouldn’t be on the counter.

You’ve learnt how to organize your kitchen counter. Challenge yourself. It starts with a day, then two, then a week, a month and so on. What are you waiting for?

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