7 Ideas For Modern Kitchen Design In Nigeria

Most kitchens in Nigerian homes are almost always designed in the same way, it’s no surprise that kitchen designs have changed a lot over the years.

Usually, most Nigerian kitchens are built at the back of the house, but today’s kitchen design takes the kitchen out of the background. The kitchen design challenge is to create a more open kitchen that is part of a dining room, family room, or great room.

So before deciding how you want to set up or remodel your kitchen, you need to consider some
things like …

Will it be modern or traditional?

Will your kitchen have an island or peninsula?

What appliances do you need for a new kitchen design?

What kind of lighting will the new design need?

And so on.

But here are seven design ideas you can easily incorporate into your kitchen design

1. The kitchen as a great room

Whether you are remodeling an existing kitchen or designing a new kitchen in a new home,
there are several design options that you can pick to make your kitchen look serene and
beautiful, like incorporating an island or peninsula into your kitchen design.
You can use them to connect your kitchen with an adjacent dining room or family room,
creating a “great room.”
A kitchen island or peninsula allows you (or your chef) to maintain visual and conversational
contact with family members or guests in a nearby family or dining room while cooking.

2. Make a kitchen canopy

If you are like me and would like to give your kitchen a visible boundary without completely
obstructing the view, you can add a kitchen canopy and high ceiling to your kitchen to create a
sense of space.

3. Use the color of the kitchen cabinet to set the tone for the kitchen design

If you want to set a unique tone for the whole room in the house, then a kitchen cabinet is
what you need.
Your choice of wood will affect the overall look of your cabinets, and if you want to create a
very bright (or light) tone, use a light wood such as ash, beech, birch, oak, maple, or chestnut.
For the mid-range, choose cherries, and for dark kitchens, choose a wood with a specific color.

4. Plan the use of cabinets and drawers in your new kitchen design

Plan how your cabinets and drawers will be used in the kitchen design and how much space and
storage you will need before embarking on a new kitchen design.
The first thing to look at is the surface of the frame. See where you put everything in your
existing kitchen and where, in the new kitchen design, will fit into the new space.

5. Use a galley-style kitchen layout

When it comes to countertop designs, most kitchen designers agree that the gallery-style
design is the best, with a single aisle and studs on both sides, making it easy to turn and move
from sink to stove.

6. Lighting under the cupboard

Okay, this is what many people overlook when designing their kitchen: under-cabinet lighting.

No matter how good your overall kitchen lighting is, the areas under the cabinet (or under the
counter) are always dark and trust me, it’s great if you don’t have to stick your head in there
with a flashlight to do what you want.
With simple spotlights or fluorescent lamps, you can get more lighting under your closet.

7. A look at the worksheets

Some of the more popular natural materials used to make countertops, such as granite, marble,
and limestone, come in many colors. You can choose the design material that you like best.
Ceramic countertops are versatile, practical, and available in many colors, shapes, patterns, and
Solid surface countertops offer seamless acrylic surfaces, are also available in virtually unlimited
colors, patterns, and styles, and are stain and heat resistant.
However, if you are looking for a more affordable design, laminate countertops are great but
not durable.
Concrete countertops are known for their strength and versatility. Wood countertops are
durable and easy to clean and repair, but wood cannot withstand exposure to water and
household chemicals. Stainless steel countertops lack the elegance of granite or tile; they do
not stain but are easy to scratch.


                                 Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

As with most other things you buy, the cost will depend on the type and price of the material
you choose for your restructuring and, of course, how complicated the renovation will be.

How long will it take to remodel a kitchen?

This will depend on how extensive your redesign is – a small design takes less time to complete
than a large or more complex design.

What should you do first if you want to remodel your kitchen?

The first thing to do is start collecting pictures of the designs you like, writing down ideas, and
choosing features that you know you might want to include in your new kitchen.

How to choose kitchen appliances?

The best way is to choose quality appliances that match the tone and functionality of your new
kitchen. You can check out a list of trends in kitchen appliances here.

Can I renovate any kitchen, regardless of size?

Yes, you can.


It’s 2021, and kitchen designs have really evolved way more than you can imagine. Having a
modern design in your kitchen will give your home a more beautiful appearance that’ll make it
more convenient for you and have your friends gushing in admiration.
Whichever one of the design ideas you chose to go with, it’ll certainly look more beautiful and
appealing than the typical Nigerian kitchen design that’s mostly made of concretes.

If you have other (or better) ideas for your kitchen designs, kindly drop them in the comment
section below – you just might be making somebody’s day.


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