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Our Story

The thought of leaving major responsibilities at home or leaving work late and going to the market is scary. Struggling to decide on the best kitchen appliance or purchasing less quality kitchen gadgets for your home is stressful and frustrating.

The pandemic also contributed to our fears, going out is not safe any longer, but we deserve to enjoy life. What more is enjoyment if you don’t have a classy kitchen?

Lihon Stores is the number one E-commerce platform in Nigeria that focuses on selling kitchen appliances and products. Our focus is to ensure every kitchen appliance and product that is purchased enhances your cooking experience. We aim at making cooking easy, fast and convenient. 

We’ve strengthened our marketing approach and our customer service to ensure safe online shopping in Nigeria. We have a variety of high-quality products for everyone, irrespective of taste, class, and preferences. We do our best to ensure online shopping in Nigeria is easy and convenient with Lihon Stores. 

Make Your Life Easy

Lihon Stores offer a large selection of classy and high-quality products including latest kitchen wares and kitchen gadgets as well as grocery items at affordable prices.  

If you’re in a hurry and need an appliance right away, we’ve got you covered. Lihon Stores offers delivery services for free (terms and conditions apply). And guess what? No matter where you are in Nigeria, you can receive your order right on your doorstep within 2-3 working days! 

Get the Best Deal 

We give the best deals on cookware, bakeware, food processors, toasters, cutlery, and other kitchen utensils because we are in direct contact with the top kitchen brands in the world. When you shop with Lihon Stores, you get a one-year warranty. What’s more, we help our customers in choosing themes for their kitchens as well as in revamping (rearranging and refurbishing) their kitchens. Our customer care services are top-notch because we care about you. 

It’s always a win-win situation with us. Why settle for less? On our online shopping site, you enjoy not only high-quality products but peace of mind.